Tile and Grout Cleaning


Trust The Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts, ECO-PRO

Are you tired of looking at your tiles that have become grubby, dull and discolored? Are the grout lines darker in the higher traffic areas, and lighter along the edges? Time to make your tile shine again with ECO-PRO’S  Ottawa tile cleaning service! By cleaning and re-sealing your discolored grout and ceramic tiles it will be like giving the room a facelift.

What happens is as time passes, the cleaning products you use creates an accumulation in your grout line.  This accumulation actually seals in the dirt and grime therefore it can making it impossible to completely clean by yourself.

Having your Tile and Grout cleaned and resealed  will restore the original look of your flooring. Your grout lines will be even looking, and returned to their original color.

If you require your tiles to be changed, our experts will provide you with the very best prices  and services in Ottawa.

7 Advantages to ECO-PRO’S Tile Cleaning system

  1. We use a water based sealant that penetrates into the pores of your grout, leaving it waterproof. This will prevent any mould growth.
  2. Our products do not produce any unsafe fumes or chemicals!
  3. This process is a long-term Eco-friendly resolution! This process lasts for many years and will make it easy to maintain.
  4. Eliminated the need for severe strippers simply because it never needs to be stripped.
  5. Routine maintenance is will be a breeze as the grout is completely sealed and can’t be re-stained
  6. We can maintain the floor surfaces for you for a surprisingly low annual investment!
  7. Our expert team takes the time to properly prepare the area’s being cleaned so there is no risk to your hardwood or other areas during the cleaning process.


ECO-PRO’S grout sealing agent provides a water resistant layer of defense that stops dirt, grime and spills from absorbing into the porous grout. It’s this long-lasting barrier, which makes every day spillages and stains easy to clean.  Your tile and grout will be much more sanitary.

Our clients are always shocked at how gorgeous their tile and grout looks after having tour tile cleaning service performed.

Count on ECO-PRO, Ottawa’s hard surface cleaning specialists. We will make your Tile Smile! Call us today for a free estimate. 613-276-8667