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Our team of expert odour control professionals are available in the Ottawa and Gatineau region 7 days a week. Our company uses the highest quality equipment that is the latest and up to date in the industry.

Pet OdoursPet Odour Removal ottawa

Cat and Dog Urine, poses some unique challenges when removing their specific odours. The blood borne pathogens are only one side of the equation, the other is the salt content in the bodily fluids. The problem in the chemistry is that the salt in the urine draws moisture out of the air and reactivates the urine and restarts the bacteria growth.

This is very evident on hot humid days or rainy days where you will have a remarked increase in the pet odour in the home.

The key to total elimination of the problem is to draw the salt out of the affected areas in the carpet, to treat the carpet and upholstery with an odourcide and in some cases the affected rooms should be fogged with the antibacterial agent in combination with the odourcide.

These steps are what ECO-PRO uses to ensure that your carpet, upholstery and any other area that is contaminated with pet urine and bodily waste are treated properly and efficiently to end the problem permanently.


Tobacco Smoke Odours

Tobacco Odour removal Ottawa

Cigarette and tobacco smoke odours are amongst the most offensive odours found in homes and businesses. The big issue with smoke odours is not only is it hard to remove, it’s hard to get at the areas to clean.

For example, if you have plaster ceilings, you can’t simply wash it down like you would a wall or floor. Smoke penetrates deeply into cracks and crevasses and porous material like wood, so in order to neutralize smoke odours the products that are needed have to travel the same route as the smoke so that it reaches the areas that are to be treated.

We use a combination of VAPORTEK products and equipment along with fogging with a high output ULV Fogger. This is in conjunction with surface washing with odorcides, and carpet and upholstery cleaning **if needed** .   All of our products used in the process of smoke odor removal are completely non-toxic and safe.

ECO-PRO works with many realtors, homeowners and property managers that need results.

Decomposition Odours

decomposition odours ottawa

When it comes to decomposition odours, the key to success is really a two pronged effort. First is to identify and remove the offending source. For instance rodents and pest, or decaying food and garbage. ECO-PRO Ottawa is the #1 Odour Removal Company city wide.

These sources of odor must be removed as the first step in order to start the odour remediation process. The next step is to use the appropriate products in order to neutralize the odours. Typically it is an application of odorcides via fogging of the affected rooms. Fogging is a great way to get proper penetration of the product in the areas that are difficult to reach.

There are many other steps and methods that can and will be used on a case per case basis. This will be decided based on the amount of the source of the odours that were present, the type of odours and of course the length of time that the areas were affected.

Skunk Odour Removal

Skunk Odour Removal Ottawa

Skunk odour is without a doubt the most distinct odour in nature. The smell of skunk spray is extremely unique in it’s chemistry, along with it’s properties.

The good news is that there are extremely effective methods of skunk odour removal that are fast and safe. We at ECO-PRO use the IICRC approved methods for skunk odor removal, and are Ottawa’s best choice in the removal of this very obnoxious smell.



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