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Top 5 Reasons for Bad Odours in Your Home

Your Home is Your Castle, Sometimes it Can Take On Some Very Strong Odours. You try to mask it with Febreeze, or Plugins and that in itself can make things even worse! In Order to successfully remove odours from your home, you first need to find out what is causing the problem. Here are a few of the most common causes of odours in your ... More

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Post Crime Scene Cleaners, Ottawa Eco-Pro Services Group

When a Tragedy Strikes, Eco-Pro Services Group Is There For You Emergency Situations Can Happen at any Time. When They Do, Most People are in Shock and Need the Help of Professional Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaners Like Eco-Pro. It is Vitally Important to Leave the Cleaning to a Certified Expert to Avoid Infection or Contamination. The ... More

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MRSA Decontamination Cleaning Ottawa

What is MRSA? MRSA, (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus), is a form of bacterial infection that is resistant to numerous antibiotics including methicillin, amoxicillin, penicillin and oxacillin, thus making it challenging to treat the infection successfully. What Are Symptoms and Possible Risks? S. aureus can cause skin ... More

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Hoarding Resources in Ottawa, ECO-PRO Services Group

If you are a hoarder, or know of someone with this disorder, please read... Hoarding is incredibly common in the Ottawa area. In fact over 5% of the population the greater Ottawa area suffers from some level of the hoarding disorders. Some of the most susceptible to this form of OCD are the elderly, and persons who have suffered major ... More

Mattress cleaning services in Ottawa, why you NEED it done

Everyone should get their mattresses cleaned once a year, here's why... We spend an average of 30% of our lives in bed; whether it's sleeping, cuddling, reading or participating in any other "bedroom activities" it makes sense that you would want this area to be as clean and sanitary as possible right? Well one would think so, however I ... More